GPOPS-II: Next-Generation Optimal Control Software

GPOPS-II: Next-Generation Optimal Control Software

GPOPS-II is the next-generation of general purpose optimal control software. GPOPS-II is a new MATLAB software intended to solve general nonlinear optimal control problems (that is, problems where it is desired to optimize systems defined by differential-algebraic equations). GPOPS-II implements the new class of variable-order Gaussian quadrature methods where a the continuous-time optimal control problem is approximated as a sparse nonlinear programming problem (NLP). This NLP is then solved using either the NLP solver IPOPT or the NLP solver SNOPT. GPOPS-II represents a major advancement in the numerical solution of optimal control problems. GPOPS-II is available at NO CHARGE TO MEMBERS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA OR ANY STATE OF FLORIDA INSTITUTION. All others are required to pay a licensing fee for using GPOPS-II. Licenses of GPOPS-II can be purchased by clicking here.

Features of GPOPS-II

The following are some the key features of GPOPS-II:

  • Allows for an extremely general formulation of the optimal control problem.
  • Allows for inclusion of integral constraints and highly general boundary conditions.
  • Complete first and second sparse finite-differencing of optimal control problem to compute all derivatives required by the NLP solver.
  • The latest advances in mesh refinement including hp-adaptive pseudospectral methods.
  • Gaussian quadrature integration methods for rapid convergence.
  • Highly accurate costate estimation.
  • Inclusion of the NLP solver IPOPT, so GPOPS-II can be used “out of the box”.
  • Interface to be able to call the NLP solver SNOPT (but SNOPT is not included with GPOPS-II. SNOPT must be purchased separately at
  • No third-party products other than MATLAB are required (with the stated exception of SNOPT which must be purchased separately at

Click here to download a copy of the GPOPS-II journal article that is scheduled to appear in the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software.

Fees for Obtaining and Using GPOPS-II

The fees for using GPOPS-II are as follows:

  • For K-12 or University Classroom Use: NO CHARGE
  • University of Florida Employees or Students and State of Florida Employees or Institutions: NO CHARGE
  • Academic Research, Not-for-Profit, U.S. Government, or Commercial Use: LICENSING FEES APPLY (CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE LICENSE PAGE)
For users that must pay a licensing fee, the fees may be paid using PayPal with your PayPal account. One-time 30-day trial licenses are available for all users who register. Those who wish to obtain a trial license or an unlimited use license as either a University of Florida or State of Florida user can register by clicking here or by clicking on the link below.



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